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Wyeth's World

Wyeth's World

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Painting in post-World War II America, Andrew Wyeth (1917–2009) famously remained true to a realist approach in an era when abstract art reigned. Today, his hallmark style has established Wyeth among the icons of American Art, with his painting Christina’s World (1948, The Museum of Modern Art, New York) among the most recognizable artworks in the world.

The pictures featured within this online selling exhibition provide a glimpse into the intriguing world that inspired Wyeth’s art. His work revolved around his own experiences living in Maine and Pennsylvania – both their landscapes and the personal and private worlds to which he had unhindered access. Transforming visions of these communities via unique perspectives and poignant atmosphere, Wyeth’s World embodied a timelessness and quiet dignity that was distinctly his own.

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